Senior Associate - Customer Success

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time
Role Overview:
As an Associate in the Customer Success team at Hypothesis , you will play a key role in establishing and nurturing relationships with our clients. You'll be the bridge between our clients and our platform, ensuring their needs are understood and addressed. This role requires a strategic thinker who is customer-focused, proactive, and passionate about driving customer success.


  • Customer Onboarding: Lead the onboarding process for new clients, ensuring a seamless introduction to the Hypothesis platform.
  • Relationship Management: Simultaneously manage multiple client accounts in different stages of the customer lifecycle. Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, understanding their goals and challenges, and ensuring our platform aligns with their objectives.
  • Customer Lifecycle: Define customer lifecycle by determining the timing and content of touch points for CSMs along the customer journey, to drive optimal adoption and net promoter score.
    Product Expertise: Become an expert on the Hypothesis platform, staying abreast of new features, and effectively communicating these to clients.
  • External Communications: Coordinate with marketing team’s content strategist to synchronize email outreaches with CSM touch points.
  • Risk Management: Detect early signals of at-risk renewals, design playbooks for CSMs to address them, and provide path to escalation
  • Cross-Functional Coordination: Coordinate cross-functional processes that help meet renewal and upsell targets and deliver on customers’ needs, including processes for CSMs to: Relay customer feedback to the Product team. Align with the Support / Product team on resolution of major cases and report bugs to the Engineering team.
  • Training and Support: Provide training sessions to clients, ensuring they are proficient in using the platform. Off er ongoing support to address queries and challenges. Develop new training materials and collateral (e.g. presentation decks, one-pagers, etc)
  • Retention and Upselling: Develop strategies to increase customer retention and identify upselling opportunities. Collaborate with the sales team on account expansion.
  • Advocacy Building: Cultivate satisfied customers into advocates who can provide testimonials and case studies.
  • Analysis & Reporting: Track leading indicators of renewals and upsell, and analyze them to understand what’s going well and what’s not. Report to executives and the board on past results and renewals and upsell forecasts, e.g. through dashboards and presentations.
Technical Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a customer success or account management role, preferably in a SaaS or tech environment.
    Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data and derive actionable insights, with experience in revenue forecasting and monitoring customer metrics and activity.
  • Experience in merging complex datasets to find trends and insights about customers, with the ability to drive customer success and inform the eff orts of the entire team.
  • Experience communicating and reporting operational data to cross-functional internal stakeholders.
  • Experience in the influencer marketing or advertising industry is a plus

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